Finding More Time

As I write this, I'm in a time crunch.

Sound like your life?

If you're anything like me, it's always a struggle to organize your time so that you have enough to commit appropriate amounts to the various things in your life.

I'm a teacher, so at different parts of the year, my busy-ness schedule looks a lot different, but not matter how much free time I have, it somehow never seems to be enough. Whenever I'm bogged down with a giant stack of papers waiting to be graded, I feel like there's hardly even enough time to vacuum. Whenever I'm out of school, I somehow manage to come up with a long list of various out-of-school projects, ranging from working on my manuscript to learning how to quilt. And no, in case you are wondering, I don't know how to quilt. That one's on the list next to "paint the bathroom" and "catch up on scrapbooking" (aka the not done list).

In other words, my commitment level always seems out of sync with the amount of time I have to actually work on stuff.

So yesterday, I was thinking to myself... how can I be more efficient? I obviously don't have some secret answer to time travel, so the best I can do is try to become better organized with the time I have. I thought to myself, if I got up an hour earlier each day during the week, that would be a total of five hours more productivity available to me. If you have a busy schedule or are raising kids, you can apply the same principle in smaller, more frequent segments as well. For instance, four fifteen minute segments a day during the week will also total five hours. Those fifteen minutes on Facebook might not seem like a lot at the time, but they add up.

What strategies have you found helpful in organizing and making good use of your time?

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  1. It's so tough. I usually end up staying up too late at night. I also squeeze in short writing sessions throughout the day.