The Joys of Distractions

Lately, I've been hard at work on polishing my proposal and manuscript. If you're a writer, you know this process also entails being hard at work finding distractions! But sometimes distractions can be helpful because they allow our creative energy a chance to recharge. So, in case you need a little break from whatever it is you've been working hard on, I thought I'd share some of my distractions with you today.

1) Bubble Shack Soaps

I found these little treasures on my honeymoon in Hawaii, and I've been ordering them onlin
e ever since. You can find them at or Target's website. I recommend the Chocolate Malasada, Plumeria, and Awapuhi, the last of which is great for sensitive skin.

2) Castle

My husband and I watch this show regularly. If you haven't seen it before, the premise is that Castle (pictured on the left) is a mystery writer who hooks up with a local investigator, Beckett (pictured right). Castle gets inspiration from the cases, and his creative expertise helps Beckett solve her cases. There's a love interest that's a constant tease--just the kind of thing that makes great TV--and a lot of humorous pop culture references.

Woot is a website that sells refurbished items for super cheap. I snagged a Flip for just $75 the other day. They only sell one item per day, but the item changes every day at midnight, so check often! You can save a bunch of money this way.

4) Blue Heart Blessed by Susan Meissner

First off, I've had the privilege of meeting Susan Meissner, and she is just as graceful as you would expect. This first person novel had me from the first page, and I'd definitely recommend it. I can't wait until I have more time to dive further into it.

5) Jenny B. Jones' blog

Jenny is pretty much delightful in every way. Any time I find myself feeling overwhelmed or just in need of a laugh, I head over to her zippity blog, and I think you should too. Check it out:

So now, you tell me... what sorts of distractions do you enjoy when the hum drum of daily activities puts you in the mood for a little color? Websites, TV shows, books, anything really. I want to hear from you!


  1. I've hit a bit of writer's block, so I'm finding lots of distractions lately. Think I need to just bunker down and allow myself to type a bit of drivel, trusting the mundane will be deleted in the rewrite. ;-)

  2. That's a good point, Jen! I find myself in that position often as well. Sometimes I feel like I can't continue because whatever I write will be boring, but what you said about rewrites is so true! Sometimes it's more important to just get in the flow of writing and worry about editing later!