Thoughts on a Monday Evening

Hello, all! I apologize if this post seems a bit incoherent; I just finished a long grading spell and currently feel like getting a pedicure while reading Jenny B. Jones' latest book while eating a box of Godiva. But since that's not possible (except for the reading part, which I'll be doing later), I thought I'd touch base with all of you guys.

How's everyone been doing? Does anyone have any updates and what's new?

I asked you guys to keep Diann Hunt in your prayers. Thanks for listening! She found out that she is facing cancer again, but the prognosis is very good, and the doctor even said she'll most likely be able to keep all her hair, which was a HUGE blessing! Keep praying for her as she goes through her treatment process. I'm sure she'll appreciate all the prayers she can get!

As for things with me, in the past week I... turned in my master's thesis, found a snake in the backyard (just a little guy, though--he was kind of cute, as far as snakes go), wrote & entered another submission into the Genesis last-minute after feeling a pull from God and because I'm nuts like that, researched for endless hours about Italy because my hubby and I are planning a trip there (hurray!), and graded until I considered hiring someone else to do it (kidding of course... mostly ;) )... yet somehow, I still have enough papers left to create a pretty sturdy shelter for a garden toad. Now you're all caught up.

Has everyone else been watching American Idol? Here are my favorites so far:

Most Adorable... Lauren, hands down. I loved her from her first audition when she made Steven Tyler sing. Every time she comes on stage, I smile. She has such a natural stage presence.

Cutie Patootie Award... Paul. His tooth whiteness is, frankly, amazing. I would've definitely had a poster of this guy in my room when I was fifteen instead of the *NSYNC poster I actually had at that oh-so-formative stage in my life. And really, what a good role model for young women... make sure you floss, folks, and stay away from those tooth-ruining cigarettes.

There's even a Twitter account devoted to Paul's grin. I'm not even kidding. Here's the link to the article about it, just in case you want to "follow" his teeth.

Here's the twitter avatar his teeth are using:

And last but not least, Most Likely to Win... Casey. This guy's the whole package, albeit a bit odd at times, but quirky's kind of cool, right? I am glued to the TV every time he sings, and I'd actually buy his album. And listen to it. (Same goes for Paul, though... I love the quality he has in his voice... reminds me a little of Leigh from Sixpence.)

Besides, Casey plays the bass. The big bass. Upright, I guess it's called. How much cooler than that can you get?

Have you guys been watching the show? What are your thoughts?


  1. Congrats on turning in your thesis! That's great!

  2. Thanks girl! Isn't your book coming out soon?