It's Official! I'm A Semi-Finalist!

ACFW Genesis scores are in, and just yesterday I got "the call" stating that I'm a semi-finalist! I nearly hyperventilated when I heard. I was in the car with my best friend, and I kept gasping as I was listening to the message. The conversation went something like this....

Me: (listening to the voicemail message) gasp
Amy: What is it?
Me: another gasp
Amy: What is it?
Me: louder gasp
Amy: Ashley, give me something here!
Me: (trying to breathe) Just a second...
Amy: (trying to focus on driving)
Me: I'm a semi-finalist!
Amy: For what!?
Me: The Genesis Contest!!!

I can't tell you how beyond thrilled I am to have this honor. I'm also happy to announce that my critique partner and good friend, Angie Dicken, also finaled in the historical romance category! Yeah! Go Angie!

If you entered the Genesis and didn't make it to the next round, please don't feel discouraged. So much of the judging just comes down to whether or not someone identifies with your writing voice. I want to encourage all of you to keep pressing on and not let it get you down if you didn't final.

You can see the list of semi-finalists on the ACFW website:

And if you could and you like me, please pray God gives extraordinary favor in the next round and that He blinds the judges to all my faults. ;) Just kidding! Kind of.

Hope everyone enjoys this weekend!


  1. Ashley- that is what happened when I listened to my message...I just kept gasping after every few words. My mother-in-law looked at me like I was nuts! :)

  2. Congrats on semi-finaling. Great accomplishment!