That Moment of Glee

I'm working on eating a bag of Peppermint Patties and reading blogs instead of writing a proposal, and suddenly this rush of excitement pulses through me, like I'm on the Scream Machine at that point before the wooden rockedyness gives you a neck ache for the rest of the day. This proposal is going out to a publisher. The thought hits me with all out glee.

Sometimes I get this way in Barnes and Noble as I'm looking through the racks. I feel like I have a secret that I share with all these books. I have a story friend for them, and eventually it's coming to sit on that shelf one way or the other. EvenAdd Image if I have to print off a copy at Kinko's and stick it up there with a business card taped to the front. Not that I would actually do that--erm...

Usually this feeling comes late at night, just before sleep, and sometimes it keeps me awake. I remember the first time it happened was the day I discovered the ACFW conference online. I decided I wanted to go to one of these conferences and meet my favorite authors. I had no way of even imagining how much greater God's plans were for me.

Questions for Conversation: What keeps you going when you're working on something like a proposal or final edits on your work? Have you had this inexplicable joyous feeling before? When does it usually happen for you?


  1. I am so excited for you, Ashley! Can't wait to hear the announcement of your publishing contract!! It's so close!
    I usually get that joyous feeling when I actually like what I have written and want to start querying in the middle of my edits!! I have to talk myself down and remember that slow and steady wins the race...I hope!!

  2. I know how hard that is when you get excited! Your big moment is just around the corner, Angie! I feel excited for you too! :)

  3. Totally had that moment. I'm not at the proposal stage with anything particularly right now, but I've started a practice of roughing together the marketing components as I do self-editing. And yeah, there's something about it that makes it more real, somehow.

    That feeling occasionally keeps me awake, but more often gets me out of bed in the morning. No wait! It's a day today, and there's writing somewhere around here!

  4. I wish it get me out of bed in the morning, Cat! Ha! It usually comes for me around 2 A.M. Thanks for the comment--good to see you around here!