Happy Monday!

Hi all! I've been battling with allergies for a couple weeks now (bleh!) and taking Benadryl every day to keep them under control. So needless to say, no DIY project this week! Instead, I've been totally wrapped up in reading Redeeming Love. Crazy, I know, but this is actually the first time I've read it. I thought to myself, could it really live up to all that hype? Uh, yes it can. No wonder this book has sold over one million copies!

How has everyone's week been? Are you all on track with your writing goals now that fall is just around the corner? (At least, I like to think that whenever it's so hot outside-ha!) I need to do some serous catch up work this week because my allergies have given me that fuzzy-headed feeing, and I've fallen behind. But I'm determined to get this book done and done well before conference season!

Read any great books lately?

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