Pitching Tips Forthcoming

I'd hoped to post my pitching vlog today, but it's been one of those no makeup, wearing fuzzy socks kind of days because I'm fighting off a cold. That said, I'm hoping to get it up very soon! In the meantime, I wanted to give you a few things to think about as you prepare your pitches for next week's ACFW conference.

1) Who are your characters? Florists? Firefighters? Children's pastors? These kinds of details are important to give the flavor of your story.

2) What are the stakes? What does your character have to lose, and what is pushing your character forward? Rachel Hauck did a brilliant segment at last year's conference, alongside Susan May Warren, where she said that your characters should have a push and pull motivation. They should be pushing against some variable, and they should also be pulled toward some goal. It's important you know what those are in case editors ask.

3) What's the takeaway value, particularly spiritually? What do you hope readers will learn? You don't want to explicitly say, "Readers will learn to be more disciplined in their devotions," for instance (you only have 30 seconds, after all!), during your initial pitch. However, editors and agents might ask these kinds of questions after your pitch, and you should be prepared.

Also, keep the action at the forefront of your pitch. You want to hook them, after all, not give them seventeen random details about the clothing depicted in your historical novel.

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