Staying Organized

Lest you read the title of today's blog post and think I actually am organized, let me begin my saying I often choose blog topics according to what I am learning at the time, and organization is definitely something I'm still in the process of learning. Moment of transparency: sometimes it is so difficult to just sit down and write! Why is that? Do you ever feel that way? I get everything set up and ready to go... candle burning, Peppermint Patties in hand... all the writing essentials... and then I end up watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

But God always equips us with the tools and the resources necessary for our calling. He never expects us to produce something that's out of our capacity to achieve. That's the thing about grace. But the thing about faith is, it always pushes us farther than we knew we could go. Which can, at times, be scary.

So how can we take charge of our time and resources, even our ideas, to use these things in the most productive manner? Some of you lead super busy momma lives, struggling to find any free time; and others of you are like me--depending on the semester you may have so much free "writing" time that you find yourself always getting distracted in a season that's supposed to be uber-productive.

I think these concepts also apply not just to time, but also to ideas. Something that frustrates me about the first draft of a project is that I don't have all my ideas in place yet. So I hope these concepts help you in that arena as well.

  • Get time where you can. Even if it's only fifteen minutes here or there between washing dishes or folding laundry, those fifteen minutes add up.

  • Make the most of your thoughts throughout the day. Brainstorm and daydream about your characters, as well as their emotional responses, in the Chick Fil A drive through line so that by the time you get back to your laptop, you waste no time before fleshing these ideas out.

  • Keep things (ideas, chapters, writing, books, resources, laptop) easily accessible and keep yourself from distractions.

  • As best you can, dedicate a writing "time" like a regular office job would dictate. Organize your time and protect it. Be sure others respect it as they would a more formal job because it is, indeed, a "real" job.

  • When it comes down to it, relax. You are not going to be completely organized all the time, and that is okay. You have to think about what is really important in life, and be satisfied with productivity. You are not going to be able to achieve all things at all times. So are you going to choose to always feel inadequate, or are you going to be proud of what you have accomplished?

Do you ever struggle with organization, whether it's time, mental organization, or something else? What helps you stay organized?


  1. I think organization is one place I actually excel, but usually to a fault. I almost always underestimate the amount of time something will take me, and then I get frustrated to not end (at myself, at the lack of hours in the day, etc.). I need to not let expectations dictate my attitude. But that can be soooo hard. I dream of the day when I can just teach, write, and stay at home with kiddos, but for now, that doesn't pay those school debt bills! (Oh, and there aren't any kiddos to stay home with yet, ha.)

    1. I so understand what you mean, Lindsay! Sometimes I get so over the top about every detail having to be perfect, especially when it comes to my work itself, that I throw way too much effort and time into it and get sort of off balance. Hope you are having a good day!

  2. These are super tips! I think the more organized I become, the more organized I realize I can be--even above and beyond that--so I'm constantly changing strategies to make the most of my time.

    The biggest thing that helps me stay organized is schedules. I try to schedule writing time and blogging time and laundry time and grocery shopping time. Everything has its day or hour in the day so I make sure I get at least a little done of what needs to be done :)

    1. Scheduling is a great idea, Cindy. I really need to try that and stick to it better. Usually when I have tried a schedule in the past, I break it all too easily because I'm the only one who knows about the schedule... ha! So maybe I should e-mai it to someone for accountability. I've heard that schedules can really help organize your time and keep you focused. I will say that any time I have put a time limit on cleaning, writing, etc., it has definitely helped me get more accomplished. Even simple things, like putting dishes away while something in the microwave heats up.

      Thanks for sharing! :)