DIY Week 13: Rescue Dog

Meet Radar!

This week's DIY is a bit... erm... unconventional... but it really has been my project for the week, so I just had to share. This is Radar. He's a shelter rescue my husband and I snagged from a nearby animal shelter yesterday morning.

We first saw this cute little guy a few weeks ago at a dog adoption event. When I looked him up online later, I discovered what I'd feared... he was at a kill shelter, not an animal rescue.

If you've been around my blog long, you know I have a passion for helping animals. So when I realized this little guy could be in trouble, I knew I had to do something. I asked the lady who runs the shelter to let me know once he had reached his time limit, and she e-mailed me earlier this week.

The plan all along has been to foster him until he can find his own family, but man is he stealing our hearts! It's going to be hard to let him go whenever he does find his forever home.

Have you ever fostered an animal? Any guesses as to what breeds Radar might be? I've gotten everything from Rat Terrier to Minpin to Chihuahua.


  1. Every animal we have brought home came from a shelter. For our family, that is the only place to go to find a family pet. I must admit a couple have been rascals and teasingly in line to be taken back, but the next morning we wake up and are warmly greeted. Well, what can be done then? We hug the little monster and love them.

    1. Aw, Mary, I SO know what you mean! This little guy has puppy worms... just tapeworms, totally not a big deal... but we're having to take extra precautions to keep him from spreading them. But just when I feel frustrated, he looks up at me and gives me a little kiss, and my heart feels full knowing we helped save him from whatever fate he had at the shelter. One of our other dogs, Schroeder, had some pretty serious anxiety when we first got him... when my husband would leave for work in the morning, he would cry for a good twenty minutes thinking Matt wasn't coming back. But it's so rewarding to see their progress over time! Now Schroeder still has a little anxiety but is doing so, so well. Thanks for stopping by today, love!