DIY Project Week 16: Wire Wrapping Stones

While we were in Canada, I found these blue and white shells I thought were so beautiful! I picked up a few to make keepsake jewelry from, and I'm so excited with how this project turned out!

I chose sterling silver chain and hooks because I have a minor allergy to nickel, and sterling silver isn't that much more expensive, but you could use a variety of colors and metals depending on your preference.

Wire wrapping is so much fun and so easy. Just be sure you get a wire that's thin enough it's easily bendable. You can find these supplies at a craft store. Also, consider that less is more here. I actually unwrapped and redid this necklace because I felt the first version converted up too much of the shell.

Have fun experimenting with wire patterns, and when you're done, just bend the wire so it won't poke your skin or clothing.

So, I started with this:

And here's how the finished product turned out!

Have you ever made jewelry? Have you experimented with wire wrapping?

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