The Grace of Manna

This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Everyone is to gather as much as they need. Take an omer for each person you have in your tent.’”
The Israelites did as they were told; some gathered much, some little. And when they measured it by the omer, the one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little. Everyone had gathered just as much as they needed.
Then Moses said to them, “No one is to keep any of it until morning.”
However, some of them paid no attention to Moses; they kept part of it until morning, but it was full of maggots and began to smell. So Moses was angry with them.
Each morning everyone gathered as much as they needed, and when the sun grew hot, it melted away.

-Exodus 16:16-21

Lately, I've been thinking about the concept of God's provision. All too often, I think we try to stockpile God's blessings or His grace in our lives so that we can then go into our garage full of manna whenever we feel like it.

What this attitude creates, though, is a dependence upon ourselves rather than a dependence upon God.

Have you ever noticed a propensity to want to have all the answers? Have you ever thought to yourself, "If only I knew where all this was headed." Maybe you've thought that about your writing career, or a personal struggle for answers in your life.

The thing is, God's provision is already miraculous. We deserve to starve out there in the dessert, but He has already made a way for grace. And yet, He never promises to give us enough manna for a month or a year or a lifetime.

He promises enough manna for today.

That's a powerful concept because it teaches us the need for a shift in focus. We have to stop looking for big-picture provision and realize that big-picture provision lies in the day to day meeting of our needs.

It's okay that we don't have a lifetime supply of manna because God is not going to run out of ability or resources. It's okay that we don't understand everything to come and that we only have enough spiritual and emotional food for today. Because this "today" is all we should be facing.

Have you ever found yourself, like the Israelites, trying to "stockpile" God's provision in your life? What can we do to be sure we put down the rotten manna and make way for the new promises each day holds?

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