DIY Shutter Crafts

So, this week's DIY is more of a planning post... I'm getting some old, sentimental shutters from my parents in the next few weeks, and I want to make something out of them, but I'm just not sure what! I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas, and here's what I've come up with so far:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

What do you guys think? The bookshelf is pretty cool, isn't it? I like that a lot, but the shelves seem a little more practical. I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. I love the bookshelf. It gets my vote. That last hanging shelf is in second. Can't wait to see what you figure out.

  2. Julie, I love that last hanging shelf too! I can't make up my mind! I think I'm going to get four of them, so maybe I'll make a couple different things! I need to get Sherrinda's advice because she is a furniture making extraordinaire and could probably tell me if these are all too lofty! :) Ha! Thanks for your input!

  3. I like the bookshelf too! I wonder if you could also use them in your yard somehow... Like a trellis or something?

    1. You know, I thought of that! I found one picture of a shutter with planters fixed to it that was really cute. Good idea, Aimee!