Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

So, my husband and I just adopted a new dog from a local animal shelter. He is so precious! I would definitely recommend getting your pets from shelters and rescues, because you are literally saving their lives. Pet overpopulation is such a tragic problem right now. If you are concerned about getting a particular breed or age, you can almost definitely find that at a rescue or shelter. Our new little friend is a purebred Cocker Spaniel and is very young! Check out or

Because I feel so strongly about companion animal adoption (both our dogs are rescues), I am writing a subplot into my WIP about animal rescue.

This process with our new dog (currently named Fleming, but his name could change) has given me so many great ideas for my book. Although he is pure sweetness and so much fun to be around, it is a lot of work getting a new dog. We are having to keep him separated from our other dog because he is still recovering from being neutered last week, and because we want to make sure he doesn't have any doggie colds from the shelter that he could pass along to Maddie. Keeping them separated is not easy, nor is it easy trying to spend time making sure they both have plenty of attention.

As you can probably imagine, the new dog has already cut down my writing time a bit. However, he has also given me amazingly valuable life experiences that I can write into my story. It's one thing to describe a scene you are imagining, but it's another thing to live that scene and know what the emotions, the exhaustion, the happiness, the sounds, the time, etc. are really like.

Sometimes I even write about frustrations I am having... for instance, my main character does not like doing dishes!

Questions for Comment: What things do you feel passionate about? Or perhaps even frustrated by? Have you tried writing those things into your stories? Have you found that doing so makes your stories more realistic and colorful?

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