Review of Remember to Forget

From time to time, I will write book reviews of pieces I've read that I think you might also enjoy. For my first book review installment, I will look at Remember to Forget by Deborah Raney.

Imagine yourself driving through a bad area of New York City, when suddenly your car gets carjacked. Panic, fear, and shock run through your head. But for Maggie Anderson, another emotion tags along: relief.

Maggie struggles in an abusive relationship. In the past, all her attempts at escaping have proven futile, as Kevin, her frightening boyfriend, always finds her, wherever she tries to hide. The carjacking provides a totally different opportunity, however, and for the first time, Maggie realizes that her dreams of escape might actually be realized.

Trecking across many states in the pursuit of a new life for herself, Maggie eventually ends up at a charming bed and breakfast and makes friends with your typical bed-and-breakfast types, including a handsome bachelor, Trevor, who has his own past to deal with: a wife and child who were suddenly killed.

Will Maggie ever learn to trust again? Will she act on her interest in Trevor, or be forced to return back to Kevin?

Remember to Forget does a brilliant job of weaving together characters with difficult pasts. Raney makes Maggie quite believable, as Maggie continues to question herself and the kindness of others throughout the book, evidence of the trauma she's experienced. Trevor is irresistible, and you'll find yourself screaming, "Open your eyes, Maggie, and tell him how you feel!" half-way through the book. The tucked-away bed and breakfast works as a perfect hiding spot for Maggie, and you will enjoy hiding away alongside her as she learns to heal from her abusive past.

The beginning of this book is so engaging that it had me dreaming I was Jack Bauer after reading it at night! The ending is equally sparkling and will have you skipping pages to find out what happens.

While the plot sags just a bit in the middle of the book, the character development is excellent so it gives you a nice opportunity to focus on the characters themselves.

Remember to Forget is an excellent choice if you like a quaint setting or are looking for a quick-read romance with a hint of adventure.

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