To Become A Better Writer... Watch TV?

Hope all you readers are doing well and are enjoying the cool temperatures. Down in Florida we're still wearing short sleeves.

My husband and I really love the show Lie to Me. It's about this man named Cal who is an expert at discerning whether or not people are telling the truth, so he starts this organization called The Lightman Group that uses facial expressions and verbal cues to solve mysteries and crimes.

We're only on Season Two, but we've been watching the episodes on Netflix non-stop. Last night while we were watching it, I asked myself what about the show I like so much. Several things I came up with are the character development, the interesting plots (subplots and main plots), and the fact that I feel like I've learned something when I watch it. So basically, don't try to lie to me because I'm now well-versed in my ability to detect what your scrunched eyebrows and grimace might mean. Just kidding, of course. Kind of.

What are your favorite books, movies, and shows? What have you learned from them that has helped your writing?

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