Old Eyeshadow Into New Nail Polish? Yes, Please!

So, I saw this DIY idea posted on Pinterest, and I had to try it out. To my surprise, it actually worked! What a great way to make use of the 73 old, crushed, or odd-colored eyeshadows we all have lying around the house. What, you don't have 73 eyeshadows lying around? Okay, but I bet you have at least one. So here's the skinny:

You'll need some clear (or clearish--I used glitter) nail polish, some old eyeshadow, and something to crumple the eyeshadow with if it isn't already broken (I used the end of one of my Bare Minerals brushes).

So, I found some ubergorgeous old eyeshadow from back when Bath and Body Works actually sold makeup. Anyone remember that? Yes, I probably shouldn't still own any beauty product over 10 years old. But moving past that, I've always loved the color of this eyeshadow, so I chose it for my project. It wasn't crumpled or crushed, so I took the end of one of my brushes to it until it got powdery.

Then I used some clear glittery nail polish, dipped it in the eyeshadow dust, and used it as regular polish! Whala!

Now, it would probably been easier had I been more willing to commit to one shadow and one nail polish color, because I could've actually mixed them prior to mixing them on my nail, but the way I did it worked just fine. Just be aware that if you dip the nail polish wand into the powder, you will have to brush your nail a few times to disperse the powder so it isn't clumpy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that my attempt turned out having a nice sheen to it like regular polish would because I used glitter polish. Depending on which kind of eyeshadow you use and which polish (for instance, clear polish), you can also get a matte effect going if you like.

Let me know if this works for you, and enjoy going through your I-haven't-opened-this-in-five-years makeup drawers! :)

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