I'm happy to say we made it home safe and sound from Hawaii after a minor scare we might get stuck in the Houston airport thanks to Hurricane Isaac. I just kept thinking, "Really, people? We couldn't have gotten stuck in Honolulu?" But it was an absolutely phenomenal trip, and I can't wait to sort through the pictures and share some with you guys soon. There's something about getting away for a little while that really helps reframe your priorities, hone in on your focus, and catch your motivation again.

So that's what I decided to write about today. Several weeks ago, I felt God telling me to declutter my mind. I thought that was an interesting concept and one I wouldn't have come up with on my own, yet exactly what I need to be working on. I don't know about you, but I'm always worried about something. Usually it's nothing big... just an accumulation of lots of little things. Some times it's even dumb things, like remembering to take shoes back or do the laundry. But after a while of holding on to all these little things in my mind, they take up all my mental real estate so that I struggle to  hear the ways God's nudging me. It's like I'm in pool, and instead of being led by a gentle wind, I'm flopping around between a hundred floats and pool toys--which is especially appropriate here because I don't know how to swim.

It's time to throw the floats out of the pool.

Last week, we took a day trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, and the attitude of the Hawaiians there really resonated with me. They have such an "aloha" spirit and are very mellow, not wasting time worrying over things they can't control. And after a while of being around that, it started to rub off on me.

I started thinking a different kind of "what if"-- what would happen if I let go of my worries? I mean, really let go of them and laid them at God's feet? If, instead of going over and over things in my mind, I prayed about them and let go? Is this not what the Bible says to do anyway? The concept began to settle in me. Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough trouble of its own. If your heavenly Father knows when a sparrow falls, do not fear, for you are worth more than many sparrows. This same God who created the heavens and the earth and the most beautiful sunsets and stars and mountains and oceans and waterfalls sees me, right where I am, and cares for me. What help can my worry add to that kind of power?

As we were flying home, we ran into trouble in Houston, as I mentioned earlier. When we did board the plane after something like sixteen or seventeen hours of traveling already, I was a little freaked about flying through a tropical storm. But something really cool happened. I checked my phone, and a prayer I had prayed earlier that day was Bible Gateway's verse of the day.

Isaiah 26:3: "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you."

Our vision gets blurred when we allow anxiety and worries to cloud the picture. We lose sight of who we are meant to be, and what we are meant to be doing. We lose sight of purpose.

Then we saw this. Check out the picture Matt took from the airplane. It's not super clear because he had to take it through a plane window, but in the middle there is a rainbow. Above the clouds. Above the storm. I thought this was just the coolest thing. 

God's promises are still there, whether or not we see them. And especially in the storm, He is always reminding us of His love. I hope that encourages you today, whether you are going through a little storm or a big one. Declutter your mind. Look for the rainbows. They may be just above the clouds.


  1. I love Hawaii. We went on our honeymoon and again last year for our ten-year wedding anniversary. That rainbow is amazing. Glad you made it home safe.

    1. Thanks Julie! We went for our honeymoon too! Which island did you see?

  2. Glad you made it home okay!

    And this post really, really spoke to me. I'm a worrier. I am always trying to stay on top of things. Usually, I'm not trusting Him enough. Thanks for your honesty, friend!

    3 weeks! 3 weeks! (That's me being excited that I get to hug you in 3 weeks!)

    1. Wow! It IS only 3 weeks, isn't it? I've got to work on my pitch! Ha! Can't wait to hug you either!

  3. What a great post, Ashley! I am a worrier too! If I don't have something to worry about, then I worry that I am forgetting about something I am suppose to be worrying about. Peace has been a huge truth in my life lately...and I have kind of reminded myself of God's peace in my life. Anyway, I am with Lindsay, 3 weeks, YAY!!!

    1. So excited to see you again, Angie! And I came to that same place... I thought to myself, "what if I really just gave this up, stopped holding on and let go? Would anything be lost by doing that?" And the answer was no, not really: