Your Pickup Truck Might Be Too Big If...

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Last week, I was at a stoplight and turned to see that the truck next to me was so high off the ground, the cab entry was close to the top of my car. All I could think was, "That truck could run over my little car!" It would be like a monster truck rally or something. One of my pet peeves is when people drive around ginormous pickup trucks just because they think it looks cool. So in honor of my fuel-efficient vehicle and all the non-ginormeous vehicles on the road, I've complied this list. Hope you enjoy.

Your pickup truck might be too big if...

10) you've ever tried to haul a mobile home.
9) you take up more than one parking spot.
8) your vehicle has more than four wheels. More than six wheels, and you're really in trouble.
7) kids move their arms up and down when you drive by, hoping you'll honk your horn.
6) your friends call you when they need to move because you can take all their possessions in one trip.
5) you have to pull off the road a little whenever another truck comes by to keep from sideswiping them.
4) you need a ladder to get into the driver's seat.
3) MTV contacted you about Pimp My Ride.
2) kids walk past and say, "Hey look, a Transformer!"
1) the words "Git 'R Done" are printed so large on your back window, "she" can read it on the other side of the state line.

Got anything to add to the list? What are some of your pet peeves?

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  1. Sometimes, installing truck accessories or modifying a truck can be addicting. And this is true because some of my friends are into it.

  2. I will forgive your wicked penmanship after I pull your cousins Trailer out of the creek without putting it in 4 wheel drive. Seriously, these trucks were built to do tasks that others cannot. Those that drive them around needlessly obviously have too much money and need to be fleeced further. Don't be a hater.