The Loopy Lace Bow Scarf-- DIY Project 1

So for the new year, one of my resolutions is to start doing one craft per week. I know, sounds like a lot, right? But I have all these projects pinned to Pinterest, and all these half-finished crafts just crying out to be worked on. The new year seemed like just the time to start!

To share this quest with you, I'm going to be sharing my project each week and where you can find the template to make one of your own. Some will probably turn out absolutely awful, but hey, you never know if you don't try, right? I'm even planning to give some of the crafts away (don't worry, not the awful ones), and I want to hear what sorts of DIY projects you're working on.

I'll still blog about writing from time to time, but for this new year, I'm planning to do most of my blogging about writing over at The Writer's Alley. I'm already friends with many of you on Pinterest, but if we're not, look me up! I'm always looking to find new, fun crafts and would love to see what you find. I think creative outlets like DIY projects really help writers because they engage that left brain that so often gets neglected in the editing process.

Now, for this week's craft!

Those of you who are my FB friends know I've been sick this past week, so I've had a lot of time on my hands. That said, not all of my weekly projects will be this intensive. But I am SO excited to show you guys what I just finished a couple hours ago. I've been working on this scarf on and off for a year, and I thought to myself, now is the time to finish that thing!

The pattern is inspired by an Anthropologie scarf, and if you have Ravelry, you can find it here:

If you know how to do basic knitting stitches... knit, pearl, and yarn over... then you'll be able to do this  easily. It does take some attention to the pattern, but the sequence is easy to memorize. And if you mess up--and believe me, I made plenty of mistakes--the pattern is pretty forgiving. I used Malabrigo yarn, which is my fav because it's super soft and comfy.


  1. Ashley1!!! That is awesome! I am always so impressed by people who can knit. I learned the basic stitch about 5 years ago, but didn't really do anything with it. This makes me WANT to!

    I absolutely love Pinterest and have soooo many crafts I want to do. I plan on blogging mine too this year. Mine won't be as skilled as yours, but I am going to have fun with it!

    1. Oh please, Sherrinda! I have a feeling you are just a superstar when it comes to craftiness. You have that vibe! I'm happy to help you learn how to knit if you want! I taught myself using videos online, if you can believe that! (Maybe that's why I'm not very good-HA!) Youtube is a great resource.

  2. You are super cute! I don't think I would ever have the patience to make something like this. Or the ability. I'm a little...shall we say, inept...when it comes to crafts!

    1. Lindsay Harrel, the master of everything she touches? Are you kidding me? I have a hard time believing that! And don't give me too much credit... it took me a while year to finish this thing! Should've probably only taken about two weeks! :)