Just Keep Writing!

You've seen Finding Nemo, right? One of my favorite lines from that movie (aside from "fish are friends, not food") is "just keep swimming." Isn't that the truth?

Recently I've been working on my third novel, and so far it's been the funnest thing I've ever written. I'm hoping that means it's also the most interesting! The problem? I've had zip motivation to write my master's creative writing thesis, which is a lot darker and more literary than my normal fiction style. I keep getting OCD about it, wondering if this word or that word is absolute the best it can be, etc. These kinds of mindsets can really cause the creative flow to come to a screeching halt.

What got me through the slump was ultimately a deadline, so I knew I had to get the material finished, whether or not I felt like it. With the ACFW Genesis contest upcoming and the holidays just past, you may feel like hiding away, putting on some fuzzy socks and watching a movie. But I want to encourage you to take time for both. It's certainly important not to overwork yourself to the point you zap our creativity, but at the same time, sometimes you just won't feel creative, and sometimes you have to write anyway.

I always tell my students to expect revision with writing. It's just part of the process. So if you're feeling the post-holiday blues, I encourage you to push through and keep writing! Sometimes it feels like a job because it is, but you'll be glad you worked through those barriers.

Hope you're all enjoying getting back into your normal routines after the Christmas break!


  1. My problem is, I can't stay away from writing for more than a couple hours!! I am obsessed! Can't wait to read more chapters!

  2. That's because your story is wonderful, Angie! :) I'm so happy to be your critique partner!