Finding Time to Write

One of the hardest things about being a writer is taking the time to actually... well, write. Speaking from personal experience, it seems that when I'm too busy, I don't have the time to write or I don't feel creative, and when I'm not busy enough, I have a hard time channeling my time into writing because my writing time doesn't necessarily feel like a rare commodity. So if you're finding yourself in a similar situation, here are some of the things I'm trying to implement in my own life that I hope will help you too.

1) Set writing goals. If you set goals, you'll feel a compulsion to achieve those goals. The more concrete, the better. 50 pages by the end of the week, for instance.

2) Write down your goals and even schedule writing "time" away from your other activities in the same way you would schedule any other job. Don't let things or people distract you from this time. Okay, so brownies might be an acceptable distraction. But other than that, no exceptions!

3) Think about your book/characters throughout the day. I read this advice on Kristin Billerbeck's blog once and really took it to heart. It's amazing how you can develop your characters organically when you see your everyday life through the lens of how those characters might react to it. Especially if funny or embarrassing things happen to you!

4) Get off Facebook. And Pinterest. And do you really need to check your e-mail every fifteen minutes? Probably not. I've only recently come to this realization.

5) Let it go. You're talking to the queen of perfectionism. If I set a goal--even the smallest goal--and I don't achieve it, I will carry that failure around with me all day. But I've found that doing this inhibits forward progression in my thoughts, writing, and even spiritual life.

What are some things that keep you distracted from your writing, and how do you overcome them?

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