Today's been an interesting day. Ever considered doing charades with a cashier? I have. Thankfully, I didn't resort to that. Instead, I used the ever-polite line, "I've lost my voice, so I'll have to whisper." You'd be amazed at the reactions to that, most of which were completely normal, like my not being able to converse verbally was the most natural thing in the world.

I have a cold.

All day, I've been in a panic. I've had to run errands because I'm throwing one of my best friends a bridal shower tomorrow. So here I am, in the grocery store getting flowers, and this nice man offers to let me in front of him in line because I've only got three items. "Thank you," I manage in a raspy whisper. The good thing was, at least I could get a little volume at that point in the afternoon. Things where much worse in the party supply store when the cashier asks me for my phone number. "Is it okay if I skip that personal information?" I whisper my reply. This lady behind me is yelling at one of the other employees, and I think to myself, "Wow, you are lucky to have that kind of voice."

Yep. Let's just say I have a new appreciation for my vocal cords.

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