Hello Savannah!

Just got back from a weekend in Savannah, Georgia with my hubby and a couple of our very best friends in the world. Nikki was one of my first college friends and has been with me through so much. I love her to pieces. And her husband is a great match for her! So needless to say, my husband and I had the greatest time with them. You know how you feel when I find that special friend who really gets you and who you feel comfortable being yourself around? That's the kind of friends Nikki and Griffin are to Matt and I. Thanks for a great weekend, guys!

If you've never been to Savannah, it's absolutely gorgeous. I hope to go back again and again. The history, culture, sweet tea, and all the dogs--oh my! Right up my alley. We went to Paula Deen's, Leopold's Ice Cream (incidentally, we met the owner and he's a super nice Hollywood producer), took a trolley tour, ate on River Street, and managed to fit some shopping in between.

Hope you enjoy these pictures I wanted to share with you...

This spot where Nikki and Griffin are standing is the same spot where the bench that's in Forest Gump used to sit.

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  1. Hi Ashley!
    I was so delighted to see your pics of Savannah....isn't it a lovely city? We lived on Hilton Head Island, SC right across the river from Savannah and spent many days in the historic city. There are so many lovely things to see in the area, and next time take a trip a little further north on I-95 and enjoy the charming city of Charleston. You'll love that too.
    Diane Dean White