You are: Loved

Last week, we talked about seeing ourselves as God views us, as the people He has called us to be. Today I want to break that down a little bit and ask, "What does that actually look like?"

As I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about this week, a concept came to mind, and I really believe someone reading this needs to hear it today, so I hope it ministers to you. The concept is this: God loves you. I mean, really loves you.

Check out what Isaiah 43:4 says... "Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you".

The rest of the chapter is definitely worth reading, but for now, let's just break down those adjectives that are used in this verse to describe God's people. Precious. Honored. Loved.

But do we really live with this perspective? How often do we walk around as if instead, the adjectives over our heads are common, guilty, sinful? Has Christ not paid our ransom once and for all and called us His own?

I think that when you've been around church for a long time, you begin picking up a sense of false guilt, which is unfortunate. You start putting unrealistic goals on yourself, and then feel awful when you don't measure up. I didn't read my Bible for thirty minutes, and then pretty soon, we don't read our Bibles at all. I am preaching to the choir, by the way, when I say that. I'm not focused enough during worship, and then pretty soon, worship becomes another Sunday chore. Little by little, we take the gifts of God in our lives and adopt a false sense of guilt toward them. Instead of picking up these gifts, we leave them at the altar, and we pick up the very chains God has freed us from.

Remember what God has called you? Precious. Honored. Loved.

How would our mindset and actions change if we believed God when He tells us He loves us? Think of how a relationship changes once you know there's true love there. God is not out to trick us. We need not guard ourselves from Him. In actuality, it's the opposite. He's desperately calling us to so much more. He's laid out all these dreams and gifts in front of us, and He's cheering us on, begging us to pick them up and see what He has planned for us.

I challenge you today to claim the verse that says you have the mind of Christ. It's not a fight. It's already been bought for you. All you have to do is reach out and take it as your own. Become conscious of the way you think about God. Are you afraid of His punishment and disappointment? Do you feel ashamed? Or do you really believe you are what He has called you? Precious. Honored. Loved.

You are His own, and nothing you can do or have done will change His love.


This is totally random, but I couldn't pass up the chance to share it with you. Today I got to meet up with my critique partner, Angie Dicken and have lunch! This woman is such a blessing in my life. It's like God knew I needed her as a friend, and didn't let the physical space between us keep that from happening. Here's a picture taken shortly after our excursion in the Godiva store.


  1. Aww, cute photo!

    And I love your post today, Ashley. I had dinner with a friend a couple nights ago--we talked for three hours. She's got a hard life. And I walked away wishing I'd said something more about God's love for her. I feel like she's carrying around soooo much guilt and is oh so scared of messing up. I've been thinking ever since about ways I can encourage her...and I know, we're not always supposed to hear a message and immediately think about who else it affects. But I couldn't help thinking of my friend when I read your, I'm claiming that verse for myself, yes, but especially for my friend today. Praying God breaks through the "rules" of her faith, straight to her heart to remind her how precious she is to him.

    Thanks for the awesome morning encouragement!

    1. Angie's so cute, isn't she? Always smiling.

      Thanks for sharing about your friend, Melissa! Praying for encouragement and freedom for her. I think SO many people are in that position, and that's one reason they walk away from God. It's very sad. We all allow these misconceptions to guide us away from Him, when in actuality, He loves us so much more than we can see.

  2. Super cute! Glad you ladies got to meet up.

    And I love this post. I think you're so right. We often think of everything we're doing wrong and how awful we must look to God, how much we've failed, instead of the victory we have because He paid it all.

  3. What a great post, Ashley! I so needed this right more ways than one!
    And, I love this picture of YOU, but not a fan of my non-photogenic self! HA!! So, so, so good to see you...highlight of my trip!

    1. Highlight of my month! :) And I think you look beautiful! I am always amazed by how you look like you could be a college student even though you have 4 kids! :) Can't wait to see you in September!!!