Four Strand Necklace and GIVEAWAY! DIY Week 5

Hello friends! I'm so excited about my DIY project this week. As some of you know, I love making jewelry. If you've never tried it before, you'd be surprised how easy, cheap, and quick it is to make a pair of your own earrings. This necklace was a bit more complicated, but still doable for a beginner.

Here's the final result!

So how can you make your own? Well, first I want to say that this pattern allows for a lot of variety according to different experience levels. I created it by morphing together several patterns I found on Pinterest, so I'd definitely suggest looking there for some inspiration. What you will definitely want is a thicker-sized ribbon for the top half. Without the ribbon, the necklace wouldn't look the same. I wanted my necklace to add a pop of color but still go with a lot of outfits, so I chose a sage green colored ribbon, and beads that were cream, pink, and blue, along with copper colored chain. I've also seen some of these done using pale blues, and those are beautiful as well. Here's a photo of the supplies I used: ribbon, fake pearls, blue and pink glass beads, and a copper-colored daisy chain.

You'll need to decide how many strands you want to create and what you want to attach them to. You could just create one very long pearl strand, wrap it a few times, and then attach the ribbon to each end. That would keep things simple and would be a great variation for a beginner. I chose to make each strand different. One is just blue beads, one is just pearl beads, one is the chain, and the other consists of a combination of the daisy chain and pink glass beads that look like crystal (but are much cheaper!).

If you decide you want to combine chain with beads, here's a quick how-to:

First, you'll need to use pins with a curved end. You'll need a pair of pliers to create an opening in the circle. Then, hook that opening through the hole in your chain. Once you have it the way you want it, either close the circle with your pliers, or a little trick I like to use is to close the circle with a pair of jewelry crimpers. In the second photo, you can see the amount of space you should be creating in your circle.

You'll then want to create a loop on the other end (you can find YouTube videos that demonstrate this technique--it's very easy) and attach it to the other side of the chain.

After you've created the various strands of the necklace, you'll either need to attach them to a fancy strand divider or a simple jump ring. I created a makeshift jump ring out of jewelry wire because I was low on supplies... so do use your imagination! There is no one right or wrong way to do this. Make sure you keep the strands in the correct order as you attach them.

Next, you'll want to measure out the ribbon depending on how long you want your necklace. I cut a little over four feet of ribbon for mine. Loop your ribbon through the jump ring/circle on one side so that it folds in half, then loop it through the other half and tie a bow. Another option would be to knot the ribbon and let it hang, then attach a pretty broach to cover the knot.

Your finished product should look something like this:

GIVEAWAY TIME! I had so much fun making this necklace that I decided to make a pair of matching earrings that I'm giving away! All you need to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on this blog. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so be sure to check back--and also be sure to leave your e-mail address to I can contact you in the event you win! :)

Have you ever tried making jewelry before? What's your favorite piece of jewelry?


  1. I am craft-challenged. My family knows this. My friends know this.
    Despite my lack of craft-ability, my daughters are very talented. When they were in high school, I would take them to a bead shop and they would handcraft their jewelry for homecoming or prom to match their dresses. One-of-a-kind jewelry. They still have some of those pieces. I provided the funds, they provided the talent.
    Love this week's DIY project, Ashley!

    1. Ha! I have a hard time believing you are as craft challenged as you say, Beth! Your story brings up a memory of my own--my mom used to take me to a similar bead shop, only she would always scour the store for jewelry to copy, and I would dive into my own projects that quite often turned out terrible... but hey, they were one-of-a-kind! ;) Thanks for your sweet words!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    I like the combination, especially the sage green ribbon. My favorite jewelry is anything decorated with a Cameo. Of course pearls are elegant and romantic. Your blog is so pretty.

    1. Thank you, Susan! My best friend LOVES Cameos. I like how vintage they look. Thanks for stopping by!