The Mitten: DIY Project Week 8

This week's DIY project is a bit... erm... unconventional. Are you ready for this? It's a giant mitten.

See, my mom works at an elementary school, and one of the kindergarden teachers there is going to be reading The Mitten by Jan Brett to her students. This is the cutest little story about a white mitten that falls into the snow and provides shelter for a bunch of animals. So, naturally, the teacher thought it'd be a cool idea to have a giant mitten that she could put small little stuffed animals inside as she reads the book. What a great idea, right?

So I volunteered to make the mitten with little idea how I was actually going to do it. I mean, a giant size mitten couldn't be that different from a regular sized one, right? Not that I've ever made a regular sized one either.

Here's what I decided to do. I used chunky white baby yarn and purchased the large size skein intended for baby blankets. Then, I started the project like I was working on a crocheted hat. You can see the inside of it here:

Gradually, I kept increasing my stitches (again, like you would do with a basic hat) until I found it was the width I wanted. Then I just kept crocheting and crocheting until it reached a good length. Keep in mind that at this point, the "mitten" is going to look more like a floppy placemat than an actual mitten.

To give the mitten some depth, I took an extra piece of yarn after tying off the end, and I wove it through every two posts of the crochet stitches. I used double crochet throughout, so I had a nice amount of space to work with when weaving the drawstring through. Single crochet would also probably work just fine so long as you're using chunky yarn. Here's an idea of how it looked once the edge was drawn tight:

And finally the mitten was finished! It was hard to get a good picture because this thing is so big, but hopefully you get the idea! I considered attaching a giant "thumb" opening but decided to instead keep it more like a sack. You could also use this same template to make a really pretty (and easy) purse, or some place mats (in which case you would end your project when you're doing increasing). Remember-- the chunkier the yarn, the faster the work goes!

This would make a perfect craft for anyone looking to read this book to their kids, or to a story time group.

Have you ever made up your own DIY project? How did it turn out?

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