The Five Minute Wreath: DIY Project Week 7

So excited about how this week's DIY project turned out! It took about five minutes to make, and I found most of the materials half off at Hobby Lobby. This wreath is not only simple, but it's also relatively cheap, and I love the southern charm about it. My twiggy base cost $2.50, the letter also cost $2.50, my ribbon cost $4, and the flower picks cost $3 and $4. You could easily go without the picks, making a flower out of the ribbon instead, and get this whole wreath for under $10! Really a steal, considering you can personalize it however you like.


MY INSPIRATION (from a pin I found on Pinterest):

Isn't the original version so lovely? I like how she wrapped the letter in fabric and created matching little flowers. I actually had originally planned to wrap my own letter in a funky pattern, but then decided I liked the way it looked plain. Plus it was a lot less work! But if you're up for a challenge, I suspect the original version would probably be even cheaper to make.

Here are the materials I used:

I found all this stuff at our Hobby Lobby, but you could probably find it at any other craft store as well, like Michael's or Joann's. I particularly went with a green colored burlap ribbon and some cream flowers, but I can imagine this in so many other color combinations as well. I think a light blue would be nice for the spring!

IMPORTANT: Be sure you get wired ribbon. Otherwise, your bow will look floppy and the ends won't curl. You could hypothetically use tulle or something of that nature, but just realize that it's going to have more of a "poof" effect. 

  • First, I unwound a good amount of the ribbon until I got it the length I wanted the curled ends to be. 
  • Then, I looped the ribbon through my C letter, around the top of the wreath, and tied a bow in the front.
  • At this point, I did some adjusting to get the bow how I wanted it and to be sure the C was centered correctly.
  • For the finishing touch, I just stuck these burlap flower picks into the side of the wreath, being sure to wrap the ends through the holes in the wreath (otherwise they fall out easily).

And that's all there is to it! Hope you found this pattern easy to follow and that you feel inspired to make your own. :) I think these would make for a really cute wedding gift.

Do you have a favorite wreath or decoration that makes your house feel cozy?


  1. Toooo cute! Seriosuly cute! I love those flowers! I made one last fall with burlap and a sunflower pick. I loved it!

    1. Sherrinda, I saw a sunflower pick in the store and almost bought it! Too funny! We could have been matching! :) I might make another one for summer with the sunflower. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So cute, Ashley. You've got this craft-challenged gal tuning in each Monday to see what you've been up to.
    I've had a talented friend make my wreaths for me. I take her to Hobby Lobby, we select things, and I pay the bill. It works for me.

  3. Ha! Beth, that sounds like a good setup! :)