The Super Easy, Super Quick, Super Cheap Scarf -- DIY Project Week 6

This week's DIY project is designed with the new sewer in mind. It's perfect for a first project! This is also a great project to practice sewing in a straight line. If you make a few mistakes, they're easily hidden when you turn the scarf inside out.

You'll need:

  • About a half yard of fabric or a little less, depending on how wide you want your scarf to be
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine

Step One: 
First, you'll want to cut the fabric. If you have a solid colored fabric, you can just make one cut, and then fold it over so it's the width you want. Since my fabric has a pattern, I cut out two different pieces.

Step Two:
Once you have your two pieces cut out, it's time to start pinning! Be sure you are working with the two "wrong" sides of the fabric because we are going to turn them inside out when we're doing, revealing a nice, hidden seam.

Step Three:
Start sewing! Sew along the edge of the fabric, keeping your seam as straight as possible--but do remember that we're going to turn our scarf inside out, so it's okay if you make a few mistakes! I started with the bottom edge, then unpinned it and pinned the sides, and then the other edge. 

Important: Be sure you leave a gap of about 4" so you have room to turn your scarf inside out when you've done all the other seams.

Step Four:
Reach your hand inside the hole you've left and turn your scarf inside out, much like you would turn a pair of jeans inside out.

Step Five:
Now, you'll want to seam up this last section. Fold the edges under and sew straight across them.

And you're done! 

Now your scarf is ready to wear! Next, try using various fabrics and widths to create different looks. I would definitely recommend a soft cotton to begin with. Jersey fabrics can be really tough to work with, as I recently learned firsthand! :)

Any questions? I made this one for one of my best friends for Valentine's Day... I hope she likes it!

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