Felt Bookmark: DIY Project Week 11

This project was so simple and fun to make! It would be a great project for older kids, and also is valuable practice if you're wanting to work on sewing stitches. The variations are endless with different stitches and colors. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

To start, you'll need a piece of felt. You can find these for about a quarter at your local craft store. You'll also need some yarn, and a yarn needle. I had a three pack of yarn needles that I use for crocheting and knitting when it comes time to weave in the ends. I found that one of these needles was too large to pierce through the felt, but the middle size worked perfectly. The nice thing about using yarn needles is that they are fairly blunt, so you're not going to poke yourself like you would with an embroidery needle.

This bookmark is so easy! Just cut off two corners of the felt, then trim them until they look like hearts. Make sure they are the same size/shape, because you're going to sew them together.

Next, thread your needle with the yarn color of your choice, and sew the two felt pieces together, being sure to leave space for where the bookmark will slide onto the page.

Continue by adding more embellishment. Try different stitches and different color yarn, and get creative with the design you choose! Little flourishes, hearts, flowers, etc. all look cute. You may even want to consider adding a button!

Now tie up the ends inside the bookmark so the knot isn't visible, and you're done! I hope this little bookmark brings a smile to your face each time you use it to mark your place in a story! These also make great gifts, because they are easy, economical, and can be personalized. Just imagine how cute this would be with an initial on it!

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