Garden Time: DIY Project Week 12

I was thrilled so many of you participated in the blog party last week! Thanks for stopping by and introducting yourselves. I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway on Wednesday, so be sure to check back. Also, the party was such a success that I decided to throw another one this coming Wednesday. So be sure you drop by and say hello!
For this week's DIY project, I set out to conquer my garden. If you want to call it a garden. See, flowers and I have this very loving relationship. But watering them in the heat of the day with wasps flying around my head... erm... not so much. This year, I am deterimed to do a better job about that. I just have to keep repeating... I will not let the flowers die. I will not let the flowers die.

For this week's DIY project, I decided to spray paint some of my pots black. The pots I have on my back patio are black, and I love how the black color makes the flowers really pop. Since I already have many pots for the front and didn't want to buy all new ones, I came up with an idea. Spray paint.

Now, as it turns out, spray painting flower pots is much easier than I anticipated. However, the clay ones take up a whole lot more paint than I expected! I'm going to have to buy some more. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share a picture of how one of the pots turned out!

I had to share this picture... it isn't one of the black pots, but aren't the flowers just the cutest? I found them at Walmart of all places!

What about you? Do you have a green thumb? What sorts of flowers do you like to plant in the spring? I need some recommendations!


  1. Wow! I love all the color!!!! When I didn't work outside of the home, I had great flower gardens, but now...sigh...not a single thing of color. I struggle keeping the grass green in this Texas heat. You sure are making me want to go plant some flowers!

    1. Sherrinda, you need to do what I did and buy the flowers that say "arid/dry" watering conditions! HA! I am SO bad about watering them.

  2. I'm allergic to bees, so we don't have many flowers. They're beautiful but I made a rule of no flowers in the backyard when I stepped on a bee and, without thinking, brushed it away with my hand. Well, I don't die from bee stings, but my hand and foot were swollen for over a week. I couldn't type and was very sleepy from the Benadryl. After that we started doing a few flowers in the front, to make the house look cute and none in back.

    1. Oh Stephanie, that sounds awful! I'm not allergic but am terrified of bees, so I can sympathize! Sometimes I've found it makes a big difference if I choose plants that aren't "butterfly attractant" because they don't smell good to bees either. Thanks for stopping by today! :)