The Blog Party Continues - Let's Talk About Dreams!

Before I do anything else, I want to announce that the winner of last week's giveaway is...

Lindsay Harrel! 

You can thank the random number generator for the win. :) Congratulations, Lindsay! I hope you enjoy this book and the teas.

Today I want to keep the party going by talking about  dreams.

I've been listening to an audio sermon by Ransomed Heart ministries that's all about dreams, and let me tell you, it has been so mindset shifting for me. Next Wednesday, I'm going to chat a little bit more about what I'm learning and what it means to have a vision for the unseen... to believe in dreams that are yet to be. I can't wait to dive into this topic!

But before we do, I thought it'd be really neat if we could all share some of our dreams.

So here's what I'd love to hear from you! Would you share...

1) A dream of your heart you're currently striving toward


2) One of your all-time greatest bucket list dreams. I want you to think big.

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Here are mine. The dream I'm currently striving toward is publication. This is a huge dream of mine that I daily have to depend on God for. Every time I try to shrink this dream down to what feels like a more manageable status, I find God re-inflates it and reminds me that with Him, nothing is impossible... no matter how impossible it may sometimes seem.

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My bucket list dream is to stay at the Halekulani in Waikiki. The Halekulani is pretty much the greatest hotel in the world... and no, I haven't stayed there yet. But the past few times we've been to Waikiki, we've got to the Halekulani for frozen lemonades to watch the sunset, and let me tell you, there's nothing else like it. Someday, I'm going to stay here, even if it's only for a few nights.

Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. Ah, fun times, friend! Excited to win. ;)

    My dream is the same as be a published author, and for that to become my full-time career.

    A bucket list item is to go to Europe with my hubby. We've both been separately, but not together. (And that hotel looks gorgeous!!)

    1. Ohhh, Europe-- that's a good one, Linds! I've always wanted to go but never have. We had a trip to Italy planned that we changed to a trip to Hawaii... Not a bad swap! :) but I would still love to see Italy someday.