DIY Week 17: Belle Hair

Let's be honest. Who hasn't wanted hair like Belle? The unfortunate thing is once you hit about twenty years old, styling your hair like a Disney princess is no longer all that socially acceptable.

So when I discovered this handy bow on my praline wrapper, I knew I had something special in the works!

This week's DIY is probably the easiest yet, because this bow came to me pre-made... what's especially fun about it is that I bought this praline bag in the Atlanta airport on the way back from spending time with my Alley Cat friends. I knew buying the multi-pack as going to be a good idea!

So look at what they did. So simple, yet so versatile. They took a nice piece of ribbon, then attached a twist tie to it. I decided to use this concept for a hair bow, but really, the possibilities are endless. Think: front door wreaths, cute pins for cardigans, even bows for shoes!

All you would need to do to make one of these yourself is tie a ribbon bow, then secure a twist tie through the middle of it.

For this Belle-styled hair, I just did a side braid, then secured it with a regular old hair elastic band. 

Once that was in place, I put the bow in and secured the twist around it.

How cute would a bow like this be in a messy bun?

Hope you've enjoyed this week's DIY project and that you're inspired to create your own!


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