Learning to Dance

Last weekend, my husband and I saw some of my favorite Dancing with the Stars dancers who came to town to benefit a local charity. I've been dancing around ever since! Like, literally. Spinning around my kitchen.

Earlier this morning, as I was practicing spotting my turns (ha! no joke), I remembered something I learned when I took a lesson with Tristan MacManus a few months ago. He said it's important to not anticipate what your next step is going to be. If you have all your weight on the wrong foot out of anticipation and your partner tries to lead something you aren't expecting, you can fall off balance and miss the next step.

Wouldn't you know I would sit down a few minutes later and read almost the exact same concept in Jesus Calling? In the June 18th entry, she says...

"Concentrate on keeping in step with Me instead of trying to anticipate My plans for you... Your main focus should be on staying close to Me."


So much relies on each next step.

How often do I do this exact thing in my life? I think I've figured out the dance, so to speak, so I anticipate what it seems like God will do next, and I put all my weight on that foot. Often times, it works out. But over time I stop depending on my partner and start depending on myself. I think I don't really need a lead because the dance is so predictable. And when God tries to turn me, I find my balance is off.

I used to do this same thing when I took piano lessons. At some point, I stopped counting the beats when I was practicing because I have a certain amount of natural rhythm. Then one day, I was working on a more difficult song, and I got busted. My teacher realized I hadn't been practicing each beat.

Do you ever catch yourself doing the same thing? Maybe your intentions are good, and you're doing a lot of productive, "good" things with your life, but you are relying on your own perception of what you should do each day, rather than seeking God's? The only way we can avoid toppling over in these situations (figuratively and perhaps also literally!) is by training ourselves to start being more sensitive to the movement of our partner with each choice we make.

After all, isn't that what dancing is really all about? :)

Here are a couple extra pictures from this weekend, as well as a video of one of Tristan and Emma's beautiful dances. Enjoy!


  1. So fun! And what a great concept...I'm trying to stay in step with God. It's the only possible way to have success in the dance of life!

    1. Thanks, Linds! I like the idea of relating decisions to dance steps because it shows that when we try to take that next step before we're ready, things tend to fall apart. Thanks for stopping by!